The Thermowaste company has initiated a plan to help governments eradicate the COVIT-19 virus from waste and from recycling processes, preventing its unwanted proliferation. Urban waste is a source of infection and now, with the COVID-19 virus, the risk of contagion has increased, especially in manual classification processes.

Thermowaste technology is the only one on the market that allows 100% of the materials contained in the garbage to be recovered and at the same time completely eliminate the COVIT-19 virus, in a sustainable way.

According to reports prepared by the National Center for Biotechnology (CBN) of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Spain, coronaviruses are sensitive to heat. In its report on the prevention and control of infections for this type of pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises subjecting material and clothing exposed to the coronavirus for a minimum of 25 minutes at 70 degrees Celsius.

The Thermowaste solution was designed from the beginning to completely eliminate all pathogens contained in the garbage, not only with coronaviruses, but also with HIV or salmonella, among others. Without destroying the materials that make up the garbage, this solution exposes them to more demanding conditions than those recommended by the WHO and is therefore more effective.

The Thermowaste company, also committed to this cause that affects us all, has launched a campaign to prevent the virus from proliferating next winter, a risk of enormous magnitude that we face. Preventing now can prevent many deaths in the future.

In this sense, the manufacturing processes will be adapted to meet, in the shortest possible time, the demand for equipment worldwide and its rapid implementation. As it is a modular technology, its transport and installation is extremely fast, which allows it to offer a response in record time.

Thermowaste equipment is specially indicated to process those residues that have been exposed to people with a high risk factor or infection. We are talking about nursing homes and assistance centers for people who have contracted the disease, such as hospitals or adapted tents.

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