We offer a complete solution to end landfills.

A sustainable and definitive solution that accelerates social transformation towards a Circular Economy. We convert municipal solid waste into clean materials and recover them in their entirety to give them a second use, at the same time that we provide decent work to many families.

Viruses, leachates, fires, CO2 and methane gas emissions, the landfills are a serious problem on our planet.


We analyze your problem

First we study our costumer needs to know in detail the scope of the problem and the social characteristics of their territory. Let's join efforts together.

We make a plan

We configure a turnkey project, based on Thermowaste technology for complete recycling and giving value to the recovered materials.

We execute and supervise

We implement the solution in record time thanks to the modular design and then constantly support them with personalized costumer service.


A complete solution
based on three pillars



We structure the financial operation of the project to facilitate its implementation in any country in the world.

  • Investment optimization
  • Financing
  • Valorization of materials


We use the most advanced, safe and sustainable technology on the market. We achieve the best results.

  • Performance> 8,000h/year
  • Constant training and support
  • 24x7 remote monitoring


We provide a real solution to society and we also offer support services that provide benefits to citizens.

  • Education
  • University laboratories
  • Labor reintegration

A technically advanced process divided into 4 phases

1Reception and control
Waste is received at the plant where bulky and hazardous materials are discarded. The rest unclassified materials go to the next phase of the process.
The waste directly enters the Thermowaste reactors, where it will be processed for 30 min. In that time, the waste becomes Clean Recoverable Materials (CRM).
CRMs are easily classified automatically or manually. Its physical conditions allow 100% effectiveness in a few seconds.
Once all the materials have been cleaned and classified, they are reintroduced into society through different ways of valorization adapted to the opportunities of each region.

A new concept in waste management.

1Cleaning before sorting
Unlike conventional methods, Thermowaste sterilizes garbage first, eliminating pathogens and bad odors, also adapting its morphology for a perfect sorting.
We build a new concept of plants with a neat work environment that improves worker performances, while reducing breakdown and accident costs.
The Thermowaste system is the only sustainable solution on the market capable of extracting all biomass from garbage in 30 min. We recover the 100% of the materials avoiding them for being send into landfills.
The Thermowaste modular design allows the solution to be available in record time without costly investments in construction, optimizing space and reducing maintenance costs.

From the waste we obtain...


The result is what is worth

We have designed a robust technology that allows you to quickly process large volumes of waste, taking up very little ground space.

The facilities are designed to work 24 hours a day, a minimum of 8,000 hours per year.

Each Thermowaste reactor processes the waste generated by a population of 100,000 inhabitants, taking as reference a production of 1.1Kg per inhabitant per day.




A 1000Tn/day plant prevents more than


m3 of methane go to the atmosphere

Impact on climate change

A Thermowaste plant with 5 process lines (a total of 10 reactors), prevents 1,200 tons of urban solid waste per day from being thrown into the landfill. That is approximately, the waste generated in a city with 1 million inhabitants.

If we only analyze the methane gas emissions that we have avoided during the first 10 years of operation of the plant, the result is very surprising.

We must know that methane gas has heated the planet in recent years, up to 84 times more than CO2, according to a report by the IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Landfills are the third largest anthropological source of methane gas emissions on the planet.


Do not hesitate to ask for information, we are here to help you.

Our project is aimed at administrations and organizations, public or private, that somehow influence or participate in waste management and seek a sustainable solution with short-term results.

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